Monday, August 22, 2011

The daydream

Someone else is living a version of my daydream

This photo makes me think of Mozambique. Every night before I fall asleep, I allow myself one daydream. I look forward to those ten or fifteen minutes, because I let myself admit that anything is possible. One of my recurring daydreams is to own a bar almost exactly like this one in Mozambique. For some reason I get the feeling that a simple life in tropical heat, wearing shorts and open shoes every day, is my ultimate calling.

Today I feel like hanging out a bar like this with my girlfriends. Our little group has been through quite a bit of excitement lately. My bestie is starting a new job after a very trying spell in marketing, my fellow blogger/dreamer/aspiring muso friend is trying to deal with a very tragic event in her family, my cousin/friend just got engaged (!), my loveliest friend just started a BSc because her ulitimate daydream is becoming a farmer, and my former-roomie-in-real-life/current-roomie-in-spirit is getting her life back on track after an enormously traumatic time.

I get the feeling that all of us have a lot to talk about. I think sharing our thoughts with the cool Mozambican sand between our toes, a cool R&R to calm us down and the sound of the ocean filling our spirit will do us a world of good. If we're very lucky, we might even have some good music to listen to.

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