Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ads I love

When I saw the Puma After Hours Athlete advertisement for the first time, I fell in love. I became convinced that no advertisement could ever touch the sheer awesomeness of the free-spirited and intoxicated individuals in that ad. I saw myself in every one of them, except the girl at the end, because my hips have never been that small.

Then I saw this Louis Vuitton ad and now I'm torn.

While After Hours Athlete speaks to current rough-around-the-edges, scruffy, confused, hopelessly romantic, romantically retarded and often poor me, this ad speaks to future sophisticated world-traveling, stupidly rich future me. The ad is beautifully done, the music is lovely and I see future me doing everything in that ad, except running and crying. I'm not the running type.

For the moment Puma still wins, because I actually buy Puma products. I'll have to revisit this opinion the minute I own anything by Louis Vuitton.