Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wish list

wish list
a list of desired things or occurrences.

Today we strolled along the pier in the early morning light while calm waters scattered rays that danced in your emerald eyes. Your hand was soft in mine as we spoke about nothing in particular in hushed tones. You carefully unpacked a delicate smile that traveled through ages, passed from the hands of one ancestor to the next to be delivered to me at the crack of dawn.

Today we exchanged meaningful looks over bulging lunch spreads and fragrant mowed lawns, we stole glances over the brims of wine glasses and I could feel you radiating joy and life where your shoulder touched mine. I watched as your exquisite fingers picked white meat from a red shell, as you broke warm bread, as you took pleasure in the smell of fresh herbs. Today laughter collected in my throat, spilled over my lips and washed over you as you ran to where I stood to pick me up, to kiss my face, to hold me suspended in your arms.

Today we sauntered home merrily in the twilight, we kissed deeply and passionately, we made love slowly and I fell asleep wrapped in the perfume of our love.  

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Jian said...

Soon. Counting down the days until this reality comes to pass.

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