Friday, January 6, 2012


homesick |ˈhōmˌsik|
experiencing a longing for one's home during a period of absence from it : he was homesick for America after five weeks in Europe.

Of course the hadada would be the first thing. Do you remember that day in October when the harsh call scared us half to death? There's also the sun in the morning (maybe a little obvious), the sound of twelve languages officially mixing with about a hundred others, the yuppies with their oversized sunglasses sipping cappuccinos in Parktown, hidden behind luxury German cars and the rags of the homeless.

In addition to all of that, obviously, is the sound of your key jerkily turning in a lock, the steady rhythm of your breath in the morning, your dark brow and green eyes (oh! those eyes!), your voice a refuge among the sirens and the suffering of a Johannesburg night. Maybe I could write you a sentence, lover, with a subject and an object and a verb. Maybe I could write something that is easy to accept. Maybe I could give you what I've got (not that much, really) and hope that you'll take it all the same.

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poisonberry said...

Die was beautiful Kristia :)

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