Monday, January 2, 2012


lifetime |ˈlīfˌtīm|
the duration of a person's life : a reward for a lifetime's work.

To put it down so others can pick it up, to stand hunched over in the cold looking at what's right in front of you and looking thousands of miles across oceans to something as small as one green eye in a single face among so many others. To leave, being slightly different from who you are. To come back exactly the same as you weren't. To nervously blink snow-like raindrops out of your eyes, trying to look unaffected while your heart breaks and breaks to the sound of dead musicians. To watch seabirds and seaweeds and sailors not as cavalier as you had always imagined - observer and observed, confined by cells and sinews, to a body that refuses to fly or even swim with grace. To bring it all down to a single thought - maybe fragrant windblown broccoli or an ominous tree shedding skin like snakes, maybe even the memory of an unwanted gag reflex. To wrap all of this up, shards of memory and observation, into a single whole that makes one lifetime.

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Jian said...

I hope you come back to me the same, and different.

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