Saturday, January 7, 2012


raincoat |ˈrānˌkōt|
a long coat made from waterproofed or water-resistant fabric.

So much water has gone under the bridge, dear friend, that I'm not sure if I'll know your eyes anymore. I was so sorry to hear about everything that happened. I think of those Leonard Cohen nights often, about how our heady, melodic conversations in smoky holes would have been so good for us now. I think of your packet of cigarettes - a little box of comfort between us - and how we clung to those tubes like our hearts clung to the chords of expression that continue to elude us.

I wanted to tell you about what I lost and gained as I'm sure you want to tell me, but that packet between us has somehow become a mountain. I wanted to bring you my happiness as a tribute to the perilous landscape we failed to navigate. I wanted to lift a scarlet glass and nod in appreciation of all the things that you shaped in me before letting the dingos run wild.

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Jian said...

Truly beautiful. Both the writing and the sentiment.

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