Thursday, January 5, 2012


puppet |ˈpəpət|
a movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

How not to seethe. How not to want. How to bring forth from a fertile belly. How to serve. How to relinquish. How to suppress. How to blend. How to delight. How to be beautiful. How to marry rich. How to raise a generation. How to lose a generation. How to deny. How to bare flesh. How to hide flesh. How to lie very still until it's over. How to moan like it's satisfying. How to give it away. How not to give it away too soon. How to manipulate. How to listen. How not to protest. How not to object. How not to speak. How not to hear. How to look away. How to abandon.

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