Tuesday, March 13, 2012


sleeve |slēv|
the part of a garment that wholly or partly covers a person's arm : a shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
• (also record sleeve or album sleeve) a protective paper or cardboard cover for a record.
• a protective or connecting tube fitting over or enclosing a rod, spindle, or smaller tube.

If my words fail me (as my words often fail me), if I vomit cliché after cliché onto every blank canvas, into every open carcass, if suddenly I spoke only in rhyme and felt only in verse, if the majesty of a yellow flower failed to captivate me and my treacherous body no longer responded to the longing of my heart, if I wept at your devotion, if I spent a lifetime chasing after nothing and escaping nothing, could weakness not become bravery?

If I could muster the energy to be really angry and spit out impotent little swearwords - fuck, cunt - at surprised passersby in supermarkets, if I hurled ripe fruit across walkways at the overweight shoppers in short-sleeved blue checkered shirts buying chocolate flavoured breakfasts to stuff their empty children, if I could yell at every pretty girl in a summer dress that pussy has a shelf life, if I dramatically tore out tufts of hair and covered my naked body in red dirt, if I cried out every dead relative and the boy who stuck his fingers in me when I was only a child, would bravery not become death?

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